The experts are clear that the COVID-19 pandemic will be with us to varying degrees through much of next year, even if therapies and vaccines continue their remarkable progress. The implications of this will become acute and will continue to accelerate inequity in our communities.

The Greater Washington Partnership is committed to working to help safely reopen the Capital Region under a new Inclusive Recovery project.

The Partnership is uniquely positioned to convene and engage with thought leaders throughout the region who are shaping behaviors, guidelines, and policies around reopening. We are committed to elevating these efforts, amplifying voices, and operating as a clearinghouse for best practices and connections.

Based on the work done with our consulting partners, we will launch an effort to rally the region around fast, frequent asymptomatic testing (FFAST), particularly for K-12 schools. The through-line for our employers to reopen more safely and faster is through getting kids back in school. Fast, frequent, asymptomatic testing is a proven piece of the solution to achieve that.

Calls to Action

  1. FFAST: Fast, Frequent Asymptomatic Testing

    Paid by a mixture of insurance, cash, and donations.

  2. Programs Rolled Out According to Urgency

    Starting with K-12 schools in VA, MD, and DC starting January 1, 2021

  3. Consistent Guidelines Used Across The Capital Region

    Advocate for the evolution of policies such as:

    • validating positive screening with PCR within 24 hours
    • reporting test type along with test results
    • common public health measures (masks, distancing, quarantine, contact tracing)
    • consistent public health messaging related to vaccination
  4. Long-term Resilient Regional Public Health Response & Infrastructure Plan

    Staff GWP to continue its work on the above through June 30, 2021

COVID Snapshot

The Greater Washington Partnership believes in bringing people, organizations, and jurisdictions together to make the Capital Region of Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond, the world’s best place to live, work, raise a family, and build a business. The Capital COVID-19 Snapshot: Return to Work survey and transit tracker, conducted in partnership with public agencies and business organizations throughout the region, is designed to increase regional information and data sharing so employers, both large and small, can make more informed decisions about reopening, and public agencies can better understand when employees are expected to return to their offices and worksites.

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Recovery Clearinghouse

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