1. Fostering Unity Advancing Growth
  2. Creating an Inclusive Economy for the Region
  3. Through Innovation + Collaboration

Our Trajectory

The Greater Washington Partnership is committed to catalyzing solutions that make the region from Baltimore to Richmond more equitable and inclusive. We are an action-oriented alliance of the region’s top employers, focused on an interconnected set of critical issues that together will drive inclusive growth and make ours the most equitable economy in the nation. We leverage the capability, resources, and influence of our Board Partners to collaborate across sectors, geographies, and jurisdictions in order to help more people — particularly those who too often get left behind. This work can only be done by breaking down historical and entrenched barriers to economic opportunity and then closely monitoring the impact to see how we are advancing inclusive growth.

What percentage of commuters travel to a new jurisdiction for work?

Nearly 50% of commuters

Prior to the pandemic, of the Capital Region’s 10.2 million residents, nearly 50% of those who commute cross county borders and 20% cross state lines daily to access their jobs.

How much is the Capital Region’s population expected to grow?

2.4 million people in 20 years

Over the next 20 years, the Capital Region is projected to add 2.4 million residents which will increase pressure on an already burdened system


and Talent

Attract, educate, and retain individuals for the jobs that our employers need to fill now and in the future, and ensure no one is left behind.

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Advance transportation solutions that strengthen regional mobility and improve quality of life.

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Develop the Capital Region into a national model for advancing equitable economic solutions and shared prosperity.

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