Champions for Growth and Shared Prosperity

Our Trajectory

The Greater Washington Partnership is the first-of-its-kind nonprofit alliance of the region’s most influential leading employers across diverse industries in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC – all committed to championing the region’s economic growth and vibrancy. We are a catalyst for convening, thought leadership and collective action for individuals within the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Rooted in growth, we have built the table that brings together businesses, government, and community leaders to identify and address the shared opportunities and core challenges facing our region across skills and talent, regional mobility, infrastructure and inclusive growth, and work to uncover and advance realistic solutions to tackle those challenges head-on through strategic partnerships, targeted investments, and innovative initiatives.



We identify shared opportunities and core challenges and offer solutions to the region’s most critical issues including skills and talent, regional mobility, infrastructure and inclusive growth.



To make the entire region, from Baltimore to Richmond, vibrant, economically competitive, prosperous – uplifting it as the best place to live, work and build a business.

Who We Are

Our Board

These leaders represent the most influential and largest employers in the region who are compelled by a personal and professional responsibility to leverage our collective experiences, assets and expertise to address challenges and identify realistic solutions in skills and talent, regional mobility, infrastructure and inclusive growth.

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Our Leadership Council

The Council brings together regional leaders that champion the region’s economic vitality, growth and competitiveness across skills and talent, regional mobility, infrastructure and inclusive growth – from Baltimore to Richmond.

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Our Staff

The Greater Washington Partnership's team represents individuals from from across the region who have collectively committed to catalyzing equitable economic solutions for our communities.

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Our Region

Our Region’s future, and the success of our businesses, hinges on our ability to grow equitably and inclusively.

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Priority Pillars

Skills & Talent

We’re working to build the most diverse digital tech workforce in the country by aligning what employers need with what educators teach, so that all residents from Baltimore to Richmond can see clear pathways to careers.

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Regional Mobility

We built the region’s first CEO-led blueprint to advance regional mobility and infrastructure solutions that lower physical barriers to accessing opportunity and improving quality of life. Together, with regional partners, we are working to deliver results and, in turn, enable the most inclusively growing region in the country.

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Inclusive Economic Growth

Elevate the region into a national model for advancing equitable economic solutions and shared prosperity.

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