Our Region, From Baltimore to Richmond

In the Region, We Have Great Diversity,
Tremendous Assets, and Huge Potential

115Federal labs and federally - funded research and development centers

45%of the population 25 years+ hold Bachelor’s degree or higher

184Languages spoken; 175 international embassies

4Significant airports, two major shipping ports

The Region’s Moral and Economic Imperative

We have the diverse talent, jobs, transportation, and innovation ecosystem needed to thrive.

The region, from Baltimore to Richmond, is lagging other large cities and cross-jurisdictional regions nationwide when it comes to racial inclusion and geographic prosperity, and there is a lot of work to be done. Inclusive growth should be at the forefront of business decisions for every company across the region. This can only be done by breaking down long-term barriers to economic opportunity and then measuring impact to advance inclusive growth. Explore our Inclusive Growth Dashboard to learn more about the current state of equity and inclusion in the region.

Inclusive Growth Dashboard

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