In the Capital Region, We Have Great Diversity,
Tremendous Assets, and Huge Potential

115Federal labs and federally - funded research and development centers

45%of the population 25 years+ hold Bachelor’s degree or higher

184Languages spoken; 175 international embassies

4Significant airports, two major shipping ports

The Charge

The Capital Regions’s growth has been slower than that of our peers. Unless we change our trajectory, we risk getting left behind in an increasingly competitive global economy. The challenges we face transcend our internal borders and jurisdictions.

To solve these challenges, we must come together around solutions, rather than allowing boundaries to hold us back. By acting together and focusing on super-regional solutions, we can overcome jurisdictional impediments, achieve solutions at a scale that is equal to the problems we face, and deliver new sources and engines of growth to achieve economic well-being and prosperity.

A Message from Our CEO

As a civic alliance of CEOs, drawing from the 27 leading employers and entrepreneurs, that together employ more than 250,000 people in the Capital Region, the Greater Washington Partnership’s catalytic leadership is more vital now than ever. We are about solutions and unity, bringing people, organizations, and jurisdictions together to make the Capital Region the world’s best place to live, work, raise a family, and build a business.

I’ve worked for the last two decades helping to grow Colorado’s inclusive digital innovation economy. As an executive, entrepreneur, civic leader, and most recently engineering and computer science Dean, I’ve had the chance to participate from the center as that great State diversified, modernized, and accelerated its economy.

I originally became aware of the Partnership and the great work being done in the Capital Region during the Amazon HQ2 selection process. Living in Colorado, working at the University of Denver and advising business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and elected officials on our own city’s bid, I was impressed by the coordination taking place across jurisdictions and in particular by the pace and scale of the response. Unity delivers solutions, and the Partnership is a powerful and unique expression of how that can succeed.

The Capital Region of Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond has extraordinary diversity, tremendous assets, and immense potential. We’ll continue the great work in areas that include building the nation’s leading diverse digital tech workforce and building a world-class transportation infrastructure that transforms the way we move around the region. We’re proud of the progress with business leaders to advance key initiatives in affordable housing. The Partnership has been working hard on a range of issues related to re-opening the region safely and as rapidly as possible. Inclusive growth will continue to be central to our work as we collaborate with you to build and promote the nation’s most inclusive, resilient, and innovative economy in the country.

The pandemic has emphasized the critical need for unified leadership, and sustainable, resilient regional solutions at pace and scale. I look forward to working closely with the Partnership’s exceptional Board and staff and fully engaging with all of the region’s stakeholders including policymakers and leaders across communities and in business and academia to help build a bright, inclusive and stronger future for this area we call home.

I look forward to building that with you.

-JB Holston, CEO, Greater Washington Partnership

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