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Regional Blueprint for Inclusive Growth

The Blueprint aims to unite and catalyze efforts to make the region from Baltimore to Richmond the nation’s leading economic engine of inclusive growth and shared prosperity—making it a more attractive place to live and thrive, and a greater magnet for talent and business investment.

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Inclusive Growth Dashboard

The Greater Washington Partnership recognizes inclusive growth as the preeminent moral and economic imperative from Baltimore to Richmond which requires participation and collaboration across the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

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Employer Signaling System

The Capital CoLAB’s Employer Signaling System (ESS) combines labor market information with employer insights and educator feedback to develop and refresh the knowledge, skills, abilities, and credentials (KSACs) needed for entry level IT roles from Baltimore to Richmond.

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Capital COVID-19 Snapshot

The third iteration of the Capital COVID-19 Snapshot was conducted between September 9- 30, 2021 with 164 employers, representing about 290,000 employees from Baltimore to Richmond.

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