Kathy Hollinger

Chief Executive Officer

Kathy oversees all aspects of the Partnership in support of making the region, from Baltimore to Richmond, the most inclusive economy in the country.

Tricia Daniels

Chief Administrative Officer

Tricia oversees the day-to-day operations and strategic planning for all aspects of the organization.

Chinyere Hubbard

Chief Marketing & Strategic Communications Officer

Chinyere leads marketing and communications efforts across all initiatives to promote the Partnership and its impact throughout the region.

Jenna Klym

Chief of Staff

Jenna Klym steers the development and execution of activities throughout the Partnership, and engages with our Board organizations.

Carrie Kolasky

Chief Growth Officer

Carrie advances the Partnership with key stakeholders and drives overarching support for the organization and its initiatives.

Ana Argueta

Manager, Digital Marketing & Events

Ana manages the Partnership's digital marketing and event planning to create engaging opportunities to collaborate.

Alana Baray

Manager, Inclusive Growth

Alana manages the organization’s inclusive growth efforts and initiatives across the region.

Hannah Burke

Associate, Inclusive Growth

Hannah supports the Inclusive Growth team's efforts across the Capital Region.

Ramir Cena

Associate, Business Development & Engagement

Ramir provides operational support to the Growth team for the organization and its initiatives.

Caroline Corona

Senior Associate, Inclusive Growth

Caroline supports the organization’s inclusive growth efforts across the region.

Christian Elkins

Executive Assistant

Christian provides administrative and logistics support for the CEO, and Leadership Team at the Partnership.

John Hillegass

Director, Regional Mobility & Infrastructure

John oversees the Partnership’s regional mobility and infrastructure work to make the entire region more accessible for all.

Michael Jerakis

Associate, Regional Mobility & Infrastructure

Michael supports the Partnership's Regional Mobility and Infrastructure work.

Jaime Miguel McCarthy

Senior Associate, Skills and Talent Initiatives

Jaime supports the development and execution of workforce programs and initiatives throughout the region.

Chris Reneberg

Intern, Marketing & Communications

Chris is an intern supporting the Partnership's Marketing & Communications team.

Christian Rodriguez

Senior Associate, Marketing

Christian oversees digital marketing for the Partnership, creating emails, graphics, and videos to tell the story of the Partnership and its members.

Kimberly Sarro

Manager, CoLAB Programs

Kim oversees the CoLAB's programs, accelerating our skills & talent efforts and executing on partnerships with educators and employers

Shaina Spector

Manager, Accounting & Operations

Shaina manages accounting and bookkeeping on the Operations team at the Partnership

Ajashu Thomas

Communications Manager

Ajashu oversees all of the Partnership's external communications and media engagement.

Tom Wood

Director, Business Development & Engagement

Tom Wood supports the development and execution of the Partnership's growth and engagement strategy.