Wednesday, February 15, 2023 -

In February 2023, the Partnership hosted the 2023 Tech Talent Reboot: Building Pathways in Cyber, Technology and Data. This event, occurring every two years, brought together technology experts to share insights into the Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs) needed to obtain entry-level jobs in their fields.   

Participants attended a networking breakfast with host, Kevin Virostek, Managing Partner at EY, before breaking into one of six working groups focused on diverse career fields: cybersecurity; data analytics and management; machine learning; networking; software development; and generalist. In these working groups, facilitated by postsecondary faculty from the region’s educational institutions, attendees discussed how their fields are changing and trends in tech talent. These insights were used to make updates to the Employer Signaling System, a labor market tool that educators use to ensure their curriculum matches the needs of the region’s employers. 

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