Year at a Glance: Championing Our Region To Be The Best Place To Live, Work & Build A Business from Baltimore to Richmond


As we bid farewell to another transformative year, it is with great pride and enthusiasm that we reflect on the remarkable journey of the Greater Washington Partnership and its invaluable stakeholder community. Throughout the past twelve months, our collective efforts have not only weathered unprecedented challenges but have also paved the way for significant achievements. From fostering innovation and economic resilience to cultivating impactful collaborations, our shared commitment to regional progress has left an indelible mark.  

As we embrace the opportunities of a new year, let us take a moment to celebrate the moments and efforts that have shaped our community and propelled us toward a future defined by continued excellence and prosperity. 

With our partners and stakeholders, we have created invaluable insights, tools and best practices that help the region consider shared challenges and opportunities, and drive recommendations and solutions for long-term investments. We shaped dozens of regional dialogues around key issues by hosting more than 40 convenings, bringing together governors, mayors and White House officials alongside our region’s leading employers, key stakeholders and community leaders—all committed to championing inclusive economic growth and making this region the best place to live, work and build a business, from Baltimore to Richmond. We launched pilot programs and innovative projects that engendered cross-sector cooperation, and sourced original data that informs strategic decision making across all our bodies of work.  

Together, we drove substantial wins in each of our jurisdictions and strengthened the competitiveness of the region, while also creating economic opportunity for our region’s residents as we:  

Developed tools and products informed by Board partners and key stakeholders: 

Expanded our Communities of Practice to engage more of our region’s experts on priority issues:  

Prioritized our region’s infrastructure: 

Rallied support for our transportation networks and downtown corridors: 

Strengthened our partnerships and resources to advance the communities we serve: 

We were pleased to announce our incoming Greater Washington Partnership 2024 Board Chair will be Kathy Warden, Chair, Chief Executive Officer and President of Northrop Grumman Corporation. Her appointment represents historic firsts for the Partnership, as she will be the first woman, non-founder and CEO of a global corporation to lead the Board. We look forward to working with Kathy in 2024. 

With this passing of the torch, we also celebrated the incredible term of service of our Board Chair Peter L. Scher. Alongside fellow co-founders Russ Ramsey, Ted Leonsis and Tony Pierce, since 2021 Peter has led the Greater Washington Partnership to prosper by deepening our impact and expanding and strengthening our table. We are proud to have had Peter as an ambassador of our work for the past three years and grateful for his leadership as a chief architect for the collective vision to make the region the best place to live, work, and build a business. We thank Peter, Russ, Ted and Tony for their vision, constant championship and thought leadership for our region’s economic competitiveness.  

Scroll on for a look at some of our impactful moments from 2023.