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Executive Summary

Inclusive growth is both a moral and economic imperative. Cities and regions that prioritize inclusivity achieve longer-term growth by becoming a magnet for talent, business, and investment. By focusing on inclusive growth, our region can identify and nurture new sources of talent, create a more sustainable and resilient economy, and mitigate the stifling impacts of inequality.

Inclusive Growth is the Defining Issue and Opportunity of Our Time

The Capital Region—from Baltimore to Richmond—has extraordinary diversity, tremendous assets, and immense potential. Our region encompasses world-class universities and research institutions, leading growth industries, and a rich diversity of people and cultures. As the third-largest regional economy in the U.S. and the seventh-largest in the world, the Capital Region has the talent, jobs, transportation, and innovation ecosystem foundations to prosper.

Despite these assets, the Capital Region lags other large regions nationwide when it comes to average growth rates and racial inclusion in areas such as educational attainment, employment, business ownership, financial wealth creation, health outcomes, affordable housing, digital connectivity, and transportation access. These disparities are deeply embedded in our economy, and we believe our region’s future success hinges on its ability to grow equitably and inclusively. The data clearly indicates that more inclusive economies create a better economic future for everyone, helping to harness local potential, build resiliency, and attract talent and investment. Inclusive growth should be at the forefront of business decisions for every company across the Capital Region.

With input from community, public, and private sector stakeholders, the Greater Washington Partnership is developing a Blueprint for Inclusive Growth to present a practical set of regional solutions and actions. The Blueprint will provide a roadmap to make the Capital Region the most inclusive economy in the nation within 10 years by amplifying existing efforts in the region, identifying further potential for cross-sector collaboration, and highlighting opportunities to catalyze solutions at scale.

By working together to create a prosperous, equitable, and resilient society for people of all backgrounds and incomes, we can make the Capital Region the best place to live, work, raise a family, and build a business. We have an intertwined economic future, and our region’s ability to thrive depends on the success of us all.